September 8, 2017


We've been hit with bad news and good news again. Mommy's port is gone, but she has another deadly infection. They put her on yet another anty bye otic and she has an appointment on Monday.
So that's the news. Good and bad.
She was at the hospital for a few hours yesterday. too. This time when she fell she hit her head really hard.
The only good thing I can think of other than that is that the weather is beautiful. Windows open, gentle breezes, wonderful smells. That part of life is good, And we are thankful.
love ya,

August 22, 2017

Tuxie Tuesday

mommy is letting me do this again. woo-hoo. anyway, she has to go to the hospital this afternoon for what's called a ultra-sound. or sonogram or exray  or something. to see how her drain is working. maybe she can have it removed soon? she does need the port cover replaced.
she has been having major problems with the new wheelie chair and this morning she had a nice man come in and put in a new part.
i don't have any problems with the new chair, other than the fact that it doesn't have arms wide enough for me to sit on, and i don't like laps.
we will check in again.
anybody out there like my typing? i'm not good at capitals, but the rest isn't too hard.
love ya,
quinine makayla

August 19, 2017

News news news news!!
mommy was deathly ill in the hospital for the last two weeks. she had kidney stones removed from one of her kidneys and got a massive infection.
she is home!!!! and weak.  and they finally gave her the wheelie chair thing!
i loves my mommy. i loves my mommy.
even with yet another bag coming out of her (drainage for the infection).
more at a later time.
but i loves my mommy and she is HOME!

August 2, 2017

yet again

Just a quick update. Mommy is running a fever and yesterday we had a visit from our lovely (handsome) paramedics  . Mommy had collapsed and they were concerned about her heart. She didn't want to go to the hospital, but promised to see her cardiologist at the first opportunity, which will be tomorrow.
Very serious.
Send good healing thoughts.
Quinnie Makayla

July 20, 2017

Life at Our House

Hi! Miss us? Well, we have not had a fun time. I thought we better let you know what has been up:
The 11th Mommy went in for her surgery.  It went fairly quickly, and they said she could go home that afternoon.  She felt sooooo lousy!  When she finally got home she didn't even make it through the lobby before she threw up.  She threw up a few more times at home. She was extremely weak, and at one point, going to the kitchen for a glass of water she lost it, collapsed, had to call paramedics again. They wanted her to go back to the hospital but she refused.  The good thing is, not after three days but after 7 she finally stopped peeing blood. No doubt because she has been faithfully flushing her urinary tract with lots of ice water (I mean huge glasses of it every day!). But her appetite is not very good still. Nobody warned her about that. 
So I have been snuggling with her, and watching her and being nursie a lot.  She seems to like it when I make biscuits on her, so I have been making that part of my daily take care of mom routine.
Oh, yeah. I've caught up on all three seasons of Dr. Jeff, Rocky Mountain Vet! Awesome!! And, go, Dr. Pol!
Gorilla glue is dangerous.
Akil the fugitive hunter is not for us.
Send green papers??
Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. We couldn't have done this without you!
love ya,
Quinnie Makayla

July 7, 2017


😼 Hope you all had a safe 4th.  We did.  There were more fireworks closer this time, but being with my Mommy makes me not mind them.
Mommy had another appointment about her surgery, and it is going to be on next Tuesday early in the morning. So think good thoughts then, okay?  She will be able to go home the same day.
Still no cell phone, so no way for Mommy to make long distance phone calls for free.
That's the news update.
Love ya,

June 25, 2017

short update

Another trip to the ER for Mommy last week. She is getting closer to her operation, though. It's supposed to be on July 11, now.
She lost her cell phone on the way home from the hospital she thinks, only it costs to get another one. And it is a free government phone. But replacements cost.
She is so far behind in bills she's worried a lot. Can anyone help?
I have been a good girl, of course.
Jackson Galaxy had a cute black and white tuxie on the last show.❥
love ya,
Praying for ya,

June 11, 2017

Still here.

We have been very quiet because Mommy hasn't been feeling well.  She has to get healthier to have surgery, so we are working on that. I check on her all the time, too. And she is doing better. She really doesn't want to do anything much of the time, though. She has been in the hospital again, and just Thursday saw her doctor.
Oh, about that, she got on a crazy ride home Thursday.  She was with a couple other riders and went  to the southwestern part of the twin cities on the way (we are northeasters). Normally this would be kind of an adventure for her. Lots of rural areas, lovely houses. Pretty.  But it was over 80 degrees and they had no air conditioning. Oooh, she was tired when she finally got home!
There was one bright light on this trip. There, on the side of one of the roads, was a deer! How cute!!
No camera on hand, though.
It is really hot this weekend, but our little a/c unit is taking care of us. May you all have ways of staying cool.
We pray for everyone every day and hope you are praying for us.
Mommy's tired again.
Love ya,

please if anyone can help, we are short money right now, and we get $35 overdraft fees. We get our money on the 21st.

May 30, 2017

Quinnie has an announcement

HI! We have been lost for a while, huh? Well, Mommy had some emergency surgery and then wasn't really feeling okay. It was for her kidneys and bladder.
She needs more surgery and hasn't been feeling good.  Throw in having to go through another review AND legal stuff.  She just wasn't feeling good and oh, yes, throw in a major tooth problem and a horrible high temp. And she had to run some errands down in the nasty road construction down town. The building her bank is in, for example, is entirely cut off!
She WENTto a pre-op for another surgery for the same problem only they turned her down, saying she wasn't healthy enough to make it through the surgery.
She mostly has been curling up and sleeping through the pain.
And maybe a replacement for our sick Dell mousie?
We might not be posting a lot, due to Mommy's being really ill.
I have even given her lots of bisquits to help... and you know I don't do those a lot!
Love 'ya!